Why Did I Create the Forum?

It was actually quite simple. I created the forum as a place for me to write to my heart's content. It's been created from my own desire to simply share with people.

I'm very pulled by my message. It's the whole reason I get up in the morning and I can't avoid writing thousands of words a day. The problem with writing so much is that it can be overwhelming to the people around me. By creating a forum that not only lets me organize my content, but also make it manageable for people to read, I free myself to write and I don't have to worry about it being overwhelming.

Yes, that's the primary reason it's here. But the secondary reason for it is because I want people to interact, engage, ask questions, and go on the journey too. This worked for me as a way of healing myself and I really want to show people how to do this for themselves.

Self-mastery is a slightly more concrete process than some other healing methodologies out there. It's focused on thoughts, feelings, and actions, which are concrete things. We all experience them and we all need to learn to manage them. I try to offer my own experiences of those things while sharing how I interpret them and the world around me. The goal is to show how it works by using myself and my life as the primary example.

I write in lots of places and have blogs, social media feeds, a Patreon page, and an email list all with the same goal: to encourage everyone to take on a process of self-mastery as a way to heal and feel better. This will be the only place on this entire forum where I offer my other stuff. Check out my links, come and support me on Patreon if this resonates with you. I'm here to support you on your journey and the easiest way for me to do that is if you engage with me and talk about what's going on for you.

Join the forum and come hang out! I'd love to have you!

Love to all.


What is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is understanding and learning to control our mind (thoughts), body(behavior), and spirit(emotions and intuition). By learning to get a grip on those things, understand what they are and how they affect us, and then heal the pain that created those things, we can free ourselves to be okay within our own experiences.

Spirituality talks about the idea of healing ourselves as a way of freeing ourselves to be okay. By understanding that we have the power within us to heal and that we are not the bodies we inhabit, we can learn to become better versions of ourselves. Self-mastery is the process I've been given to do that.

I don't come at this as a guru. I come at this as somebody who will remain a student of my own work my entire life. I share my life and my experiences as a means of showing you how this all works. Sometimes I share with you what I've learned and come to understand and sometimes I share the experience to show you how I learn from the experience.

Self-mastery is not narcissism. It's not focusing on only ourselves never giving back or helping another again. It's about balancing our relationship with ourselves with the need for companionship and our desire to help others. We can do both and when we find a healthy balance, we do things because we want to and not because we have to, we can create a life we actually like. We wake up happy to start the day. We enjoy our lives more and we're not nearly as bothered by the idea of Monday as most people are.

I get up and I write and write and write. That's it. I love my life because it doesn't require me to do anything except write and share. I live my life. I love what I do and I've created a life that I don't need to escape from. Not only am I not upset about Monday, I do the same thing on Saturday and Sunday that I do on Monday. When I'm writing this it is Sunday afternoon. I've written thousands of words today and I will do the same tomorrow. The keyboard on this laptop will wear out long before I run out of things to say. I'm excited about what I do and I want you to have a life where you get to feel like this too!

On this forum I have created multiple boards around different aspects of self-mastery. I have one dedicated to the mind and the crazy thinking and voice in our heads that we all have. I have another board dedicated to emotions. What if I told you that emotions are meant to come and go, not stick around forever, would you believe me? I have one dedicated to behavior. We all live from pain through our behavior. When we heal our thoughts and feelings but don't fix our behavior, it keeps us stuck in pain. I'm here to help you explore your own behavior and how it might be keeping you stuck in the pain.

I'm excited to have you here and I'm excited to help you go on your own journey of self-mastery.

Thanks for being here!

Love to all.



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